Canter pirouettes from walk pirouettes
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Sunday, September 9, 2007 09:39 PM
This exercise is only appropriate for a horse who can do very nice balanced transitions to collected canter from the collected walk and back. Pirouette at the walk should be a working pirouette size, when horse departs to canter he will have room and not be compressed and tight. I really liked this exercise. When I started it he wasn't as sharp as I wanted him to be. After couple times he got the idea and become much better. I did a few times and gave him a walk brake. When we picked up the pirouettes again he got excited and tried to shoot into the canter. Good quality walk and good bend and feel of energy and suppleness really helps to get a very nice canter depart. At first he just wanted to go straight, when he realized he must continue to turn he gave me such wonderful balanced steps of slow and very collected canter. It went much better to the left until I have realized I wasn't sitting enough on my left seatbone going right. Next I spiraled out trying to keep canter slow and collected. I send him forward and let him stretch, then brought him up and more collected again. It went so well I finished my ride today on that and praised him a lot.
Happy riding...
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