A Beautiful Ride
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Thursday, September 13, 2007 11:26 PM
Today was one of those rides when everything is perfect. The weather was quiet, cool and clear with a lot of sunshine, no bugs. Colonel was supple, easy to work with, calm. I had a clear mind, I have felt his every step: in what state is his balance, why he lost it, how to correct it. It felt like there is no blind spots anymore, that I know what to do at any moment. Such rides doesn't happen very often, so there is more reason to treasure it like a beautiful and rear gift.
I could feel how my right leg carves him to create bend to the right. After that it is easy to engage the left hind to carry the stride and give a feel of lift and balance.
I could feel how my thighs lift his back like he is glued to me, I go up, his back goes up. Then just add some impulsion and enjoy these elastic, springy steps of a collected trot.
Clean and crisp transitions from halt to trot, no hesitation, no middle steps, engagement and rhythm. Serpentines - where every step has done with precision and control. It takes a lot of concentration and clear image for the next step.
Canter departs from walk - collected canter - lengthening of frame and stride - collected canter. I felt how I can make him round his back and jump up for collected canter and then stretch and bounce forward. At first we lost some of the bounce from colleted canter, but at the end he brought some of it into lengthening, staying in slow rhythm, carrying the strides. This helped him to come back to collection.
After this work he did beautiful flying changes both directions, he didn't loose his calmness, didn't run. I could "talk" to him to prepare the next change. He always needs help to change from left to right, he needs to stay really straight and balanced and keep his right shoulder up. Right before changes, it feels like he is almost in counter bent. This helps him lift his shoulders through the change, keep his balance, hind leg can easily come through and he can continue canter and not get upset that he is falling over.
We finished our perfect ride with relaxed stretching trot through the woods.
Happy riding...
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