Rider's Balance (continued)
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Friday, September 28, 2007 10:32 PM
Today I have realized that my imbalance is not just in the canter. I was thinking the same thoughts for the trot today and I was able to bend him much better. 8-10 m circles were balanced, fluid and cadenced, even to the right where I always struggled. And any time I felt him heavy on the inside rein I checked my position and found some mistakes. On the left rein again as in canter everything is easier. Now that I know how to put my right seatbone down, I can use my right leg very effectively to control his haunches. On the right rein my left seatbone naturally down so I do not really feel how much down it is and my left leg feels wobbly. I could feel how his haunches brake through it. I need so much concentration to work my left leg successfully. I need to be prepared it will take time to get it all together. The smaller the circle the harder it is for me to control. When he gets tired I feel that it is more difficult to control his haunches. I have similar problems riding other horses, but not with so much struggle as my own.
The bright moment of my ride today was a sitting trot where I let him stretch a little bit, extend a little bit, come back, make some transitions to walk. I was concentrating on using my thighs to lift his back. I have realized I need to use them more, I was cheating before. He needs more because his back long and his neck is set low. He will not lift his back if I do not ask. That trot felt wonderful.
Happy riding...
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