Few things I have learned after a photo shoot
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Sunday, October 7, 2007 11:24 PM
Today we had a costume photo shoot. I will make a webpage with the pictures later. In general it went well. I got some very nice shots. My husband was doing this shooting and we have learned a few things about intricacies of it.
  • Do not worry if your tack is not sparkling clean, nobody will notice it in the pictures.
  • Washing your horse just before a photo shoot is not recommended. He will lose his shine. Do not worry if you cannot brush all the dust out. He will shine very nicely if he is healthy and in a good condition.
  • If you need to give a tail a volume quickly, brush it with soft body brush. Go with slow and long strokes starting from the dock. Then grab the tail, move it sideways, and let hair out few strands at a time, brush them in long sweeping strokes. Finish with brushing last 15-20 cm (7 inches) holding the tail in your hand. You will not pull or brake a lot of hair out, it takes about 10-15 minutes to create a nice tail.
  • The bright sun doesn't help. It creates dark shadows and very bright almost white spots. I wanted the sun to make Colonel's body shine. I got too much of it. Evening sun has less white and more yellow and red colors. That will bring out nice color for bay, chestnut and dun horses.
  • My place is inside a pine forest. I knew that trees are not a good background. Well, I was right. Especially,with the fact, I had a dark costume and trees trunks are dark too, not a good combination. The further anything standing behind you - the better.
  • Doing a photo shoot is much more nervous procedure than videotaping. Because you go for just one nice moment you try and try until you get it and it creates many repletions and builds anxiety in the horse.
  • Photo shoot can trick you into trying too hard. You want that one spectacular photo and you go for it and start applying your aids too much for too long in hope that you get bigger response and better picture. Looking back at pictures where I was doing it (passage) I don't think it is a good idea. I got him too short in the neck, he got nervous and tensed his back.
Happy riding...
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