Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Saturday, June 12, 2010 02:18 PM
If you are wondering why am I not writing anything lately it is because summer is here. Summer in Alberta is very short and I have so much to do I feel like a hamster running in a wheel. With teaching, training horses and remodeling our house I cannot have enough time to sit down and write something worth putting up online. Hopefully, this crazy schedule will slow down a little bit, or I find a way to organize myself better.
This blog is about my new baby horse. I created her myself. This is my first attempt at breeding. Her dam, is a QH mare who belongs to my friend. My friend has a small herd of QH mares and I thought that this one is the best regarding movement and temperament. The sire is Merlin I, purebred Andalusian stallion from Swan Creek Andalusians, a neighboring Andalusian breeding farm. They have three stallions there and Merlin is the oldest one. I liked his movement and I liked his babies. I knew he will improve the mare's conformation shortcomings such as short back and thin neck and I was hoping that her incredible balance and his suppleness will combine to create a wonderful horse.
Her name is Regala. Regalo means "gift" in Spanish. And Regala is a female version of the word. She is a filly, of course. She was born on May 29th which was horrible, cold, windy and snowy day in Alberta. She is one day old in the picture. Already, she is a a good size and very solid. She is very curious, social and active. I'm very excited about her and I cannot wait for her to come home in December. Her and Santo will have fun playing together. I think he will be very happy having her as his little "sister".
Happy riding...
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