Shoulder-in on the circle to half-pass
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Saturday, August 25, 2007 11:26 PM
I loved this exercise. My horse gave me probably the best quality half-pass, just for a few steps, but I wasn't asking for more. When I felt him struggling I turned him on the circle and asked for shoulder-in again. On the circle I wasn't doing shoulder-in over and over until it felt supple, I was going back and forth from shoulder-in to just straight on the circle then shoulder-in again. I wanted to feel that he gives me shoulder-in easily without loosing the quality of his trot. My circle was about 12-15 meters in diameter. The best half-pass happened when his shoulder-in was very uphill, he was coming up on the outside rein, and bending nicely around my inside leg (the whole leg starting from the seatbone and the hip, not just the calf). His ribcage is staying vertical under me, not falling out or in. If I cheated and didn't wait for the correct shoulder-in half-pass wasn't that good.
Writing the blog is helping me more then I have expected. I had a wonderful ride today. And it is not because we accomplished something dramatic. Well, nice half-pass can count as a good accomplishment :) It is because I had very cool and clear head. I could notice many little details that I had to attend to. That made my work very engaging and interesting. And because I wasn't overbearing or unfair toward my horse he stayed focused and calm.
Happy riding...
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