Shoulder-in and travers in preparation for a half-pass
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Saturday, September 22, 2007 12:32 AM
I was preparing my horse for half-pass and I did the following exercise: Shoulder-in on the center line, half-circle 10 m and travers at the wall and half-circle 10 m again to the center line. I did it near the center of the long side because I wanted to turn him on 10 m half-circle myself without help of a corner. I noticed interesting fact. On the left rein he needed help to stay off the right rein and couple times instead of a half-circle after travers I did a working pirouette (in walk). On the right rein he needed help with the right bend. For that I used turn on the forehand off my left leg but with the right bend. It is like travers on the spot. That really made him give me his right side and come up on the left rein and under my left seatbone. This exercise really made him soft and light.
Half-passes are always difficult for my horse. And I do not just ride them over and over again. Today, for example, I rode half-passes from center line to the wall and I started at trot and finished at the walk really asking him to step sideways in the walk and keep the bend and lightness and mobility. After few repetitions half-passes in trot felt much more balanced and light. And after this work extended trot was amazing, he felt so charged and at the same time light in front and attentive.
Happy riding...
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