More from the clinic with Jina Smith.
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Sunday, November 4, 2007 10:07 PM
Several interesting and helpful ideas, tips and exercises that caught my attention on the second day of the clinic:
  • Touching a young horse with the whip to create body awareness. For example, touching on the shoulder while teaching him shouder-in.
  • Riding a young horse forward a lot. Later in his life he will do a lot of collected work. Right now he must go forward as much as he can handle without losing his balance.
  • If your horse backs up during a turn on the forehand. Do not stop him completely and ride the turn from a shortened walk.
  • Keep your hands towards the direction you want to go.
  • On the long side ask for a zigzag. One step off the wall, straight, step back toward the wall, straight. Move your horse sideways as one unit and straight. Watch for the loss of rhythm and balance. You can start with one zigzag, then make it two. work toward sharpness from your leg.
  • For schooling flying changes make sure the outside shoulder (inside to be) is up and in front of the haunches otherwise your horse will be late in front or lose his balance.
  • Half-steps through the corners of arena and nice forward trot on the sides.
  • Stretching at the end of the lesson. Riding rising trot, letting your horse chew the reins and stretch the neck without losing connection and riding 3-loop serpentines. Stretching and changing the bend at the end of the work is similar to what human athletes do when they stretch after a weight-bearing exercises.
Happy riding...
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