Working a green horse in the field
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Monday, November 5, 2007 10:26 PM
When you taught your horse basic rules of go, stop and turn ride to the field and just ride a rectangle of the size of arena. Very simple. Ride straight and turn and straight again and turn etc until you make a shape of a rectangle. The exact size doesn't matter as long as you decided upon it before executing and it is less than the size of the field. First ride it in walk, then trot and then canter. I'm not assuming you have to do all gaits in one riding session. Only ride gaits that you are sure you can control.
You will see how not easy the exercise is. Your horse will try to pull her body either into the field or toward the gate. She will be distracted and excited. Do not worry. Just stick to the line of travel. If your horse leaning into her shoulder toward one direction tap her on the shoulder with the whip. If your horse doesn't know how to bend yet ride your turns as part of an octagon. Use your outside aids and turn her step by step. She will stay vertical in her body and learn to wait for you instead of wheeling around or collapsing in. To change direction just cut your "arena" in half and ride across.
If you do not have possibility to go into a field try this exercise in the real arena but stay a few meters away from the walls. This way you will know who is in control.
This exercise is very beneficial not only for a green horse. Work your schooled horse in the field and discover how much real obedience and focus your horse developed through the years.
Happy riding...
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