First meeting with two new horses
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Thursday, November 8, 2007 10:55 PM
I have got two new horses in training. They are both Arabs, sensitive, alert and quick. They have good gaits, one has especially good trot and another good canter. They are green but I think they will become very good horses when they learn how to carry a rider in balance and move with impulsion.
One of them was an endurance horse. He has never learned how to properly use his body. He is very tight in his back and at the base of the neck. He is constantly in the state of extreme alertness, waiting for someone to pounce on him. His biggest challenge is going to be to relax, stretch and trust his rider. After that his training will go much faster because he is very talented. Riding his canter is like riding a wave. You touch the ground lightly and then you fly. His back even though it is tight comes up with every stride naturally. I'm guessing it will be even better after he relaxes and starts using his body better.
The second one is a mare, she is much more sure of herself and was better handled. She has wonderful trot - powerful, big, from the shoulder. She is starting to stretch and go on the bit. Her biggest issue for now is laziness and inattentiveness.
The general plan for both of them is to learn to relax, learn to focus and start to accept rider's requests. We are going to learn to go forward and stay forward, learn to stretch and accept the bit. Supplemental work in hand and on the lunge will be very beneficial.
Happy riding...
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