Riding after a break
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 10:53 PM
During winter you can encounter a period of cold weather when it is impossible to ride outside. If you do not have indoor arena to go to your horse will have a brake. Depending on the weather it can last from a few days to a few weeks. For example, we had two weeks of cold weather which is just ended and finally I could ride Rory. She grew a very thick coat in these two weeks and was very fresh when we went yesterday. I didn't press the matter when she wanted to trot instead of walking. I let her trot for a while and then asked her to walk. She was very alert and keen to go. It was hard to distinguish if I inadvertently send her forward into trot and that is why I didn't want to correct her immediately. However, I didn't let her just trot somehow I regulated her gait - tempo, impulsion, posture. At first I did posting and after she warmed up sitting trot. She behaved like that all the way to the field, which is about 20 minutes in walk. And then we went around the field to the nice flat spot to work a little bit. She still was more keen to go than usual. Only after working in improvised arena where I corrected all her attempts to run different directions she settled down and started listening. Partly of course she got tired snow was fetlock deep and it wasn't easy to work through it. I understood that and worked her just a little bit more to finish on a nice note, she went back home in a nice relaxed walk on a loose rein.
If I tried to force the issue and made her walk when she was anxious she would stayed nervous much longer and probably got upset or even mad. Next day she was very good. The way you ride today affects your ride tomorrow. It doesn't matter what exactly you accomplish today, but it really matters how you try to accomplish things.
Happy riding...
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