Edward Gal's Philosophy
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 07:47 PM
There is 8 videos from 8 to 14 minutes each progressing from young horses to Grand Prix. The last two parts is where Edward Gal rides himself. The link below is to the first part. After that you will see other parts on the right side of the Youtube page. To have a better understanding of his principles do not skip to more advanced horses. This way you will hear things important for Edward Gal repeated several times for different horses and in different situations. And you will start to see how he trains and teaches.
Watch critically. Always form your own opinion about methods of training and techniques you witness. Take what you like and carefully observe what you don't. If there something that confuses you look for answers from other trainers, books, videos, etc.... Learn from everything you see. Make sure you know why you do not like something. For example, Edward Gal's training methods stress the importance of neck position control. However, one of those positions is deep, round and behind the vertical. As this has been a topic of big debate it is very interesting to witness how it is done by a rider who uses this method in his training and who has been very successful as a dressage competitor. Watch carefully last two parts where Edward Gal rides his horse and try to better understand his approach either you like it or not.
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