Symposium with Ellen Bontje. Part IV.
Posted by Irina Yastrebova on Monday, July 7, 2014 10:00 AM
This is the fourth and last part of the series of blogs on the AEF symposium with Ellen Bontje and Karen Ashbee. Please click here to read the first part.
Please click here to read the second part.
Please click here to read the third part.
Intermediate A
  • Travers on a small circle in canter (this exercise was a part of every ride since Third Level)
  • Transitions within half-pass in canter: collected-medium-collected
  • Half-steps with forward active steps to introduce better passage (the horse does not really collect)
  • Do not block the half-pass in canter with outside rein
  • Do not follow him down in medium trot. Sit back a bit and make him rise up to the snaffle
Intermediate B
  • A tip for passage: swing the whip toward haunches without touching to teach horse to push off the ground.
  • The curb rein cannot pick up the horse when horse falls on the forehand!
  • Half-pass: open horse sideways with outside leg, steeper half-pass
  • Ride changes (4s, 3s, 2s) with every next stride bigger than previous, end up in a medium canter by the end of the diagonal
  • This horse Ellen kept in half-steps almost the whole long side until the horse gave her what she wanted
  • In passage: rising trot; thinking of reinback and give, tapping with the whip on a shoulder
  • Zigzag exercise: volte after each half-pass
Intermediate II
  • Do not make the neck short with the head behind the vertical
  • Ellen is not against the head behind the vertical as long as neck is long and back is working
  • Do not lean over in half-pass but ride over
  • Keep the neck straight in tempies
  • Lead the horse into half-pass with inside rein
  • Tip to straighten the one tempies: put one foot tall board near the wall to create a "tunnel". Do changes in it
  • Passage:The goal is to let the horse do passage not pressing every step
  • Rising trot in passage
  • Keep working with the neck
  • Do less! The will to give!
  • Let him trot in passage for better rhythm
  • Let the neck hang down
  • Canter pirouette - ride forward with outside leg
Grand Prix
    Big warmblood who likes to shorten his neck
  • Neck falls down, nose out. Push nose out like reins are sticks!
  • Collect the canter and ask to stretch, then spiral in and travers
  • Preparation for zigzag: half-pass with flexion changes
  • Passage: the person on the ground holds stick in front close to his knees, or taps him lightly to make him lift them
  • Long neck!
  • The horse keeps the neck short. Ellen wants to drop his neck with one draw-rein through the flash noseband
Judging - Horses need a lot of expression for good marks: off the forehand, sitting behind in mediums, more reach and forward in half-pass. Karen didn't judge the last two tests as she had to leave.
Happy riding...
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