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Duke of Newcastle - To improve on Nature by the subtlety of Art
Miguel Tavora - My seat and my back are going to make my legs and my hands more effective. What my seat does is make my legs act on the right time and the right place. My back helps my hands work at the right time, in the right place.
Erik Herbermann - Riding and training is always a very personal struggle. And the first real enemy in the equation is our lack of discipline and control over our own thoughts, emotions and the attitudes and actions of our bodies, which makes it very difficult for us to "aid" (assist) the horse, clearly and consistently as we meant to do.
Wilhelm Museler - It is a prime duty of the true horseman to be strictly a control-centre; not a physical mover, shover or pusher-puller of the animal. This state can only materialize when the rider, through consequential, consistent use of his aids, establishes a system of communication, causing the horse to understand what is wanted.
The only physical responsibility to be mastered by the rider that he becomes entirely inseparable part of the horse, in no way disturbing it's body movements.
Isabel Werth - When a rider has an independent seat and hands and the horse has flexion and bend, easy transitions develop elasticity and improve the gaits. Little things can bring about very big changes: trot, canter, trot, canter, trot, canter. Soon you will see how these transitions improve the trot, the canter and connection
Ayn Rand - Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed
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