When I have started doing these exercises, I found their great benefit for riding and now I continue using them as my fitness routine. I developed this system using Yoga, Pillates and Physio Ball. I have tried to create a logical progression from simple to difficult ones.
Always make sure to proceed slowly with new exercises and stop if you feel discomfort or pain. If you have any health issues check with your doctor to make sure that these exercises are safe for you.
Correct Breathing is good for your health and vital for riding. This series of exercises will help you recognize and then develop diaphragm breathing.
Pelvis Control is necessary to recognize your alignment in the saddle and to be able to move your pelvis independently of your shoulders or legs.
Core Strength exercises will help you create stability and connect your ribcage to your lower body.
Hip Flexibility is very important to control your horse's movement exactly as you need. Without it, there will be unevenness and lack of balance.
Thigh exercises will let you train different thigh muscles (hip flexors and extensors).
Thigh exercises II will let you feel how different thigh muscles work (hip adductors, abductors and rotators).
Exercises in the Saddle will let you find a correct position in the saddle and explore your muscle imbalances.
Exercises must be done correctly in order to be safe and beneficial. I have inserted caution notes throughout the execise pages. Please, take them seriously.
Always finish the work out with stretching exercises. The Hip Flexibility page provides a good variety to chose from.
Irina Yastrebova, Riding Instructor and Trainer.
My blog is about teaching, riding and training. I share what is important to me in my work with horses and riders. The writing helps me to think things over and have a better understanding of training ideas and priciples.
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