Kathy's Story
Firstly I could not sit the trot comfortably without pounding on the horses. Secondly when I posted, my back became sore immediately, and I would therefore ride in the 2 point position. Thirdly, I could not get the horse to canter when I asked. I was not riding the horse, the horse was doing what she wanted, not what I wanted.
After the first lesson I learned that I was not secure in my seat. Lesson one taught me
  • To use my thighs
  • Sit quietly on the horse, control my hip movement (think of myself as a backpack, securely attached).
Because I was frightened of riding the horse at a faster speed than a walk and slow trot, lesson 2 taught me:
  • To use my stomach muscles to slow the horse down, thus alleviating hanging onto the reins and pulling back on the horses mouth.
  • I learned to stop the horse using my thighs and controlled handling of the reins.
  • I was instructed on doing the posting trot properly which took the back pain away.
Now I am learning to canter.
All I have to say is that after taking lessons with Irina, riding Sarah (horse) has become one of the most pleasurable pastimes for me. It has renewed my interest in riding and I am totally thrilled at the whole experience.
Kathy Williams
My blog is about teaching, riding and training. I share what is important to me in my work with horses and riders. The writing helps me to think things over and have a better understanding of training ideas and priciples.
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