Thank you for the great lessons....I am so excited afterwards...All I want to do is RIDE MY HORSES!!! :))
Wendy Randall
Irina is the most effective teacher I have seen, besides de Kunffy, who also puts everything into each lesson no matter what level you are performing at. There are few people who have that energy and talent.
Shirley Sarac
Irina is a talented rider and enthusiastic natural teacher with exceptional understanding and concern for horses and people. Irina gets the whole picture. She uses images and physical touch to clearly convey proper position and attitude to positively influence a horse. She has shown me how to focus, listen and ask, give and take, to expect more from my horse and from myself, to become more relaxed, connected and forward. Time spent with Irina is my favourite hour of the week and the best thing I do for myself and my horse.
Sheila Edmonds and Lady Sarah
My original plan in taking lessons with Irina was to take about 4 lessons thinking that is all I would need, however I realized that after taking the first lesson with Irina that I really had no idea how to ride a horse safely although I had taken years of instruction from others... Read the whole story
Kathy Williams
In ten years of riding, Irina Yastrebova is the best instructor I have had. She has corrected me on everything from the basics of my seat - fine tuning the balance between the rider and the horse - to more advanced and subtle techniques for mistakes I was not even aware I was making. She intuitively and accurately identifies strengths and weaknesses and what is needed to become a better rider. Her energy and expertise were exactly what I needed and have been inspiring. Every single lesson is challenging and exciting. Irina corrects, encourages and somehow, gets a better performance from both me and my horse. My riding has improved 100 % and I hope it will continue.
Janet Davidson
Irina is able to work with riders of all different levels, in combination with horses at all different stages of training. One of her greatest abilities is to bring horse and rider together into a functioning unit, even when they may not be ideally suited for each other, in a way that respects the abilities and personalities of both. She is an instructor who teaches horsemanship, not just riding, which is a far more difficult task. I highly recommend her.
Elaine Hugues
My blog is about teaching, riding and training. I share what is important to me in my work with horses and riders. The writing helps me to think things over and have a better understanding of training ideas and priciples.
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