Riding in Balance
We are all dreaming about it: our horses are full of energy, yet in perfect balance listening to our slightest request, we are riding them effortlessly and gracefully, appearing to the onlooker quiet and relaxed.
We think this ideal is only a beautiful dream, never attainable for regular riders and only left for a gifted few.
I want to tell you that this is not so! There is a way to learn the principles and laws that govern our bodies and the bodies of our horses. These laws and principles work for horses and riders of all shapes and sizes. When you learn how it works, you can apply this knowledge to any horse or rider. It is not magic or extremely difficult to understand. What you need most of all to succeed is genuine love for horses and humility to learn from them.
My journey to this understanding was long and full of questions that no one could answer. This was like making my way through a jungle. It was hard to see where to go next. The pieces of truth were rare and far apart. The clear path that I finally stumbled upon was made by Mary Wanless, a riding teacher from England that had the courage to look at riding from a different perspective. She calls her method Riding With Your Mind. Through years of painstaking research she came up with a clear and complete system of horse riding principles. It is mindbogling that no one before her put it all together.
I'm not suggesting that the system makes riding a piece of cake, far from that, but it showed me the clear path. It is now so much fun to move forward, to explore, to find solutions to everyday problems. Now I can take full responsibility for my actions on the horse and look at his responses as approval or disapproval of what I'm doing.
The horse is always right - this is an old saying from Renaissance Haute Ecole (High School). These words are so true! Day after day horses that I ride prove this to me and show me my place every time I stop listening to them.
If you share my passion for horses, for learning, have courage to open your mind, and have patience with yourself and your horse let's explore what makes a good rider. Rider's Posture...
Irina Yastrebova, Riding Instructor and Trainer.
My blog is about teaching, riding and training. I share what is important to me in my work with horses and riders. The writing helps me to think things over and have a better understanding of training ideas and priciples.
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