Mary Wanless and her method "Ride With Your Mind".
This one doesn't need any introduction. I have mentioned her ideas in many of my articles.
Prairie Thunder Ranch.
Family breeding farm where I found Santo. They breed quality Holsteiners and sport horses. Amber and her team take their job very seriously.
Flexibility Workshops.
Alixa's fresh approach to flexibility for humans and horses alike is very inpirational, horse and human friendly and produces amazing results in both athletes.
Sustainable Dressage.
A very interesting website on biomechanics of correctly moving horse.
The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique.
This website will introduce you to the Alexander Technique - A wonderful method of subtle changes to improve your posture and body awareness.
The Ultimate Guide to Sitting Disease.
This website is loaded with very relevant and long overdue information on how detrimental our sedentary life style to our posture, health and quality of life in general. A must read!
Barefoot for Soundness.
This website opened my eyes on correct hoof trimming and correct biomechanics of horses hooves. I have learned how to trim my own horse and his hooves have never been in better shape.
Ironfree Horse.
Another very interesting website on hoof trimming with loads of pictures which are very educational for training your eye.
Nevzorov's Haute Ecole.
I hope this one inspires you to look at your horse differently and to open your mind to new possibilities.
My blog is about teaching, riding and training. I share what is important to me in my work with horses and riders. The writing helps me to think things over and have a better understanding of training ideas and priciples.
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